Peter Sabine has been a political campaigner since school days and has been employed professionally as an agent since 1991.Peter h & s 1

His early career was in retail management, initially with Maple & Co, furnishers, where he managed stores in Staines, Epsom and Salisbury, through Department Stores (Beales of Bournemouth), Convenience Stores (Sperrings), ASDA and Waitrose.

He assisted campaigning in Slough, Hove, the New Forest and Dartford, before becoming the full time agent for the marginal constituency of Dartford in 1991. During his time there he kept control of the council in the very closely fought contest of 1991, and helped secure Bob Dunn’s re-election as MP in 1992.

In 1993 he became agent for Wealden, where the incumbent was the Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey Johnson Smith. He became Euro Agent for Sir Jack Stewart Clark MEP, and for three years was the Secretary to the National Society of Agents. During this period he worked with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, with trips to Poland, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria, helping activists from many parties understand and best utilise the (for them) new democratic process. Working on behalf of Sir Jack and subsequently Richard Ashworth MEP, he has led many groups on information gathering visits to the European Parliamentary sessions in Strasbourg and Brussels.
After Sir Geoffrey announced his retirement, Peter was responsible for Wealden’s selection procedure where the final shortlist saw David Cameron, Chris Grayling and Charles Hendry vying for the seat. In 2013, after Charles Hendry announced his retirement, Peter was again responsible for the selection process. During this, one candidate was heard to say that, “every constituency should have a Peter!”
In addition to his work with Wealden, Peter has also covered as Agent, at various times, Eastbourne & Lewes, as well as conducting training sessions in other parts of the South East of England.

Peter can be contacted at peter@getelected.co.uk, or via our contact page and on Skype.
He arranges training seminars, teleseminars and coaching for candidates at all levels to give them the confidence and tools to go out and face the electorate with a winning mindset.