How to Get Elected

 Your "Must Read" guide to all aspects of Electioneering.

You want to become a councillor or MP so that you can make a real difference to your community.  You are ready to start your campaign or, maybe, you've already started.  You've begun to realise just how much there is to do, all in a very short space of time.  You're concerned that you're going about it in the wrong way or that you might miss something important.  Some short and simple guidance would feel helpful just now. Don't reinvent the wheel, instead use my 20+ years of expertise which will save you many hours of possibly wasting your efforts in the wrong areas.  Use the techniques that I have used to get hundreds of people elected and the best results in the country in the last council elections in 2011.

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At just under 30 pages it will lead you through the campaign from start to finish.  In an easy to read style it includes sections on:

>          Myths dispelled.

>          How to analyse and the get the most out of your resources.

>          The Selection Process

>          How to come across effectively in all forms of media.

        What to check when taking good pictures - and the avoidance of bad (how to avoid that bacon butty moment!)

>          Social media and email communication with your electors.

>          What your campaign manager should do.

>          The Nomination Process - get this wrong, and people do, and your name won't be on the ballot paper

>          Get Out the Vote - making every activity count in the days running up to the election and the day itself.

>          Lots of hints, tips and 'how to's' throughout.

"... I've read your book and papers, I think they are brilliant and have reminded me of many aspects of campaigning for my trip to Bosnia."

Toni Bradnum , Deputy Chairman Sussex Area

"I recommend Peter’s book to all candidates, whether new or seasoned, as it is full of insights into the seemingly dull election process which bring it alive. A ‘must’ read.’"

Gillian Wheeler, Agent and Secretary Bexhill and Battle Conservatives

How to Use "Get Elected"

You can use the e-book in a variety of ways, for example: -

  • standalone as a guide to the electoral process and what you need to be aware of and act on, especially if you are a 'newbie'.
  • as an aide-memoire, particularly if you have stood before -  it can be difficult to remember everything in the years between elections!
  • as a handbook to accompany the How to Get Elected and Make a Real Difference' course.

Along with your e-book you will get, as special free additional material, "How to" guides covering:

  • Canvassing - the do's and don'ts.
  • Body Language - how to tell if the person you're talking to really is a supporter - and what is your body language telling them.
  • Knocking Up - the importance of getting out your supporters - and avoiding stirring up the opposition.
  • The Role of the Election Agent - What do they do? Should you have one?
  • Effective Newsletters - save yourself time and stress by following these principles.
  • Electoral Law - don't lose your seat before you've even started by falling foul of this.

This invaluable aid to the electoral process will guide you through all the steps you need to take, point out the pitfalls and open your eyes to the opportunities.


It will give you immense confidence as you face your election campaign. I am not aware of anything like this elsewhere in the political genre.


Not only will you uncover the wealth of useful tips, guidance and shared experience in the e-book but you will also receive the 6 "Best Practice" guides.

All this for only:

Only  £9.97

Why so little?  We need a Conservative Government and Conservative councils so, as my part towards securing that aim, the price, until at least the end of March, will be held at this low rate.

Risk free!

If, within the first 30 days, you do not find that you are gaining real benefit from the information I will refund your money without quibble.